All appliances, whatever fuel they burn (coal, wood, oil and gas) need to be able to 'breathe' to allow fresh air in and spent gasses out. Appliances can be dangerous if they are not kept in good working order.

How often should you I have my chimney swept?

By asking us to sweep your chimney, we will eliminate the build up of soot from coal, wood, oil and gas fired systems. We can provide valuable advice on operating your appliance safely and efficiently and on any remedial work that might be required.

Having your chimney swept a minimum of once a year will chimney inspections allow the chimney sweep to observe any defects such as cracks,creosote build up or other obstructions which may affect the functionality of the system, which could create an environment where chimney fires or carbon monoxide intrusion are likely.

Many people fail to sweep their chimney or service appliances often enough, this is often due to neglect, not understanding the necessity (and the risks) or for financial reasons. Regular maintenance of any item in daily use is very important, so don't forget your chimney !!
We all depend on our day to day items and take steps to make sure they are working at optimum efficiency, cars, home appliances etc. So why not add your chimney to the list ?

Smokeless Fuels Bitumous Coal Wood Oil Gas
At least once
a year
At least twice
a year
(When in use)
Once a year Once a year