Chimney Pots & Cowls

If you have an issue with down draft, birds or moisture entering your chimney. Why don’t you ask SOLUTIONS to supply and install the right terminal to suit your needs?
Below are examples of our most common pots and terminals for gas, oil and solid fuel appliances and chimneys that we supply and fit.

Eco Cowl BS6461 compliant

Eco CowlThe ECO Cowl is an anti down draught terminal. It is made of stainless steel and is powder coated in terra-cotta OR buff colour. Various types are available depending on different installation requirements. With the ECO Cowl fitted SOLUTIONS can still sweep your chimney in accordance to BS6461 without the need for removing the cowl.


Save Energy, and keep pests at bay

C-CapWhen a chimney is not in use hot air still continues to flow up the chimney approximately 5m2/hour. This does affect your heating bill dramatically; further more rain water, birds and squirrels can still enter the top, causing even more problems. That is why SOLUTIONS recommend that all unused chimneys are capped off as soon as possible with a appropriate C-cap. The C-cap will minimize your heat loss whilst still allowing the chimney to breath, remain dry and keep out pests


Flue Efficiency. Supply, fit and repair

Re-FlashingCorrect flue termination is essential to ensure that your flues and appliances are able to work efficiently and more importantly, safely. SOLUTIONS supply and fit a large range of chimney pots, SOLUTIONS can also re-point, re-flaunch, refit flashings to existing stacks and demolish old stacks if necessary.