The Industry Standard

A National Code of Practice for Chimney Sweeps has now been established and by using a qualified sweep will protect the consumer from the risks associated with untrained or poorly trained sweeps with little or no regulation.

Householders, companies and organisations seeking the services of a chimney sweep should ensure that the individual meets or exceeds the Industry Standard in order to receive the safest, most professional service. After all, professional sweeps are required to advise on many vital safety issues concerning solid fuel use, from ventilation provision right through to the chimney terminal. They are at the front line in terms of immediately dangerous situations as well as the provision of valuable practical consumer advice. As the Standard becomes widely adopted, consumers will have a clearer idea of who to engage for their chimney sweeping service and will know what level of professionalism to expect from such a person. In order to further enhance the Industry Standard, Sweeps meeting the Standard will be required to issue an Industry Standard certificate and, where necessary, an Industry Standard Warning Notice and Label.

Our Own Values
Solutions chimney sweep are members of THE GUILD OF MASTER CHIMNEY SWEEPS and also we are members of NACS, (The National Association Of Chimney Sweeps) all chimneys are swept in accordance with the national industry standard and to British Standard BS6461. We take great pride in our services and self regulate to a very high standard, adhering to Industry Standards ensures that we can maintain and provide confidence and assurances to all our customers.
Advisory Services
We offer a comprehensive service to offer advice and solutions to any problems or questions you may have for your particular heating requirements, please use the contact page or telephone to get in touch